Symposium Issue

The Public Law Review's Symposium Issue focuses on a timely theme significant to modern society, practicing attorneys, legal scholars, and students. The Symposium Issue contains articles from attendees at the Public Law Review's annual law convention held at Saint Louis University School of Law.

The Public Law Review's Volume 33 Symposium Issue will feature articles from our February 29, 2013 conference titled Saving the Cities: How to Make America's Urban Core Sustainable in the Twenty-first Century. Described as the "case study of urban decline" in the 2009 book Mapping Decline: St. Louis and the Fate of the American City, the City of St. Louis typifies the decades-long national struggle of urban decay. Recognizing that the current crisis is the result of economic and demographic changes, as well as poor planning and mismanagement, this conference will bring together academics, practitioners, governmental officials and nonprofit leaders to engage in an honest discussion about how to revitalize the country's urban core. The impending relocation of the Saint Louis University School of Law to downtown St. Louis provides a unique opportunity to engage in a discussion about how cities can be revived through sustainability efforts and a focus on building a modern infrastructure for adequate education, employment and housing.

The Volume 32 Symposium Issue addressed the impact of cases like Michigan v. Hudson had on the need for the exclusionary rule with regard to Fourth Amendment violations due to modern remedies that are now more effective in controlling police behavior.

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