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Published Staff Members in Volume 59

The following student notes and comments will appear in Volume 59 of the Saint Louis University Law Journal:

Amy S. Berg - Understanding the Relationship Between the Doctrine of Patent Exhaustion and Self-Replicating Technologies after Bowman v. Monsanto Co.

Vincent K. Heitholt - Meramec River Killing: State v. Crocker

Jonathan K. Hoerner - A Failing School District and a Failing Statute: How Breitenfeld v. School District of Clayton and the Unaccredited District Tuition Statute Nearly Destroyed a Struggling School District and Disrupted the Education of Its Students

Jenna R. Hueneger – University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center v. Nassar: The Supreme Court’s “Heads the Employer Wins, Tails the Employee Loses” Decision

Justin Ladendorf – The Equal Credit Opportunity Act, Regulation B, and the Enforcement of Spousal Guarantees: The Missouri Court of Appeals for the Eastern District’s Incorrect Decision to Uphold the Validity of Regulation B’s Expanded Definition of “Applicant”

Joyce LaFontain - Show-Me the Sun: How Missouri Can Support its Commitment to Renewable Sources of Energy Through Preemption of Local Zoning Ordinances

Courtney D. Lang - The Maverick Theory: Creating Turbulence for Mergers

Scott D. Meyers - Who’s the Boss?: The Definition of a Supervisor in Workplace Harassment under Vance v. Ball State University

T.J. Matthes - The Armed Career Criminal Act: A Severe Implication Without Explanation

Maxwell Murtaugh - The PLRA’s Dividing Language: Statutory Interpretation and Applying the Attorney’s Fees Cap at the Appellate Level

Jim Ribaudo - Lane Change: The Need to Clarify McHaffie and Accept a Punitive Damages Exception

Elizabeth Washam - Diffusing Deadly Situations: How Missouri Could Effectively Remove Firearms from the Hands of Domestic Abusers

Ray M. Syrcle - Recess is Over: Narrowing the Presidential Recess Appointment Power in Canning v. NLRB

Published Staff Members in Volume 58
The following student Notes and Comments will appear in Volume 58 of the Saint Louis University Law Journal

Brian Dziewa - USADA the Unconquerable: A Look at the One-Sided Nature of the United States Anti-Doping Arbitration Process

Justin Fezzi - Third Time's a Charm: How the Uniform Law Commission Can Fit Series LLCs Into the Uniform Limited Liability Company Aact

Debbie Sluys - Senne v. Village of Palatine: The Seventh Circuit's Parking Ticket Payout

Jared Hausmann - "Audit the Fed" From an Austrian Perspective: Financial Reform through an Unholy Coalition of Unwitting Misesians

Ben Tiller - The Problems of Probable Cause: Meneese and the Myth of Eroding Fourth Amendment Rights for Students

James Bertucci - Apprendi-Land Opens its Borders: Will the Supreme Court's Decision in Southern Union Co. v. United States Require Courts to Apply Apprendi to Restitution?

Natalie Stoltz - Reverse Payment Agreements: Supreme Court Finally Poised to Address This Precarious Pill

Joseph C. Vitale - Text Me, Maybe?: State v. Hinton and the Possibility of Fourth Amendment Protections over Sent Text Messages Stored in Another's Cell Phone

Julie LaVille - A Warning Worth a Thousand Words: First Amendment Challenges to the FDA's Graphic Warning Label Requirement