Saint Louis University

  1. Can I apply for the Externship Clinic if I am a 1L?
    No. You have to have completed at least one-half of your law school credits and have completed Legal Profession.

  2. Can I apply for the Externship Clinic as a 2L?
    Yes, only if you have completed one-half of your law school credits and have completed Legal Profession.

  3. Can I register myself for the Externship Clinic?
    No. Only the Clinic Professor can register you.

  4. Can I drop the Externship Clinic like any other class?
    No. Once you are accepted into the Externship Clinic and are placed, your placement supervisor will expect you to begin when the semester starts. Please do not apply for the Externship Clinic unless you are certain you will accept the placement given to you.

  5. How many hours do I have to work?
    The minimum number of credits you can request in the Externship Clinic is 4 credits. For 4 credit hours, you will work 12 hours a week for the 14-week semester. A few limited placements permit students to take 6 credits (18 hours a week) or 8 credits (24 hours a week)

  6. I am not registered for the correct number of credit hours for the Externship Clinic. How do I correct this?
    Please email Amany Hacking or Greta Henderson as soon as possible and request that your registration be adjusted accordingly.

  7. How many credit hours is the class and is it graded?
    The mandatory companion class to the Externship Clinic is called Lawyering Practice. It is 1 credit hour and you will receive a letter grade for this class.

  8. When does the Lawyering Practice class meet?
    The class meets on alternating Wednesdays in the semester.

  9. Are the Externship Clinic hours graded?
    No. They are Pass/Fail.

  10. What if I am scheduled to work on a holiday when the office is closed or I miss hours at my Externship Clinic?
    It is your responsibility to make up any hours that are missed during the semester. 

  11. What if I want to work at a particular placement for my externship?
    You can select that placement on your application and rank it as your first choice, but also rank your second and third choice in case your first choice is not available.

  12. What if the placement I would like is not on the list of externship placement opportunities?
    You can state in your application what placement you are interested in and why. You may also contact Professor Hacking regarding your preference.

  13. Where is the application?
    It is online
  14. When will I know if I have been accepted in the Externship Clinic?
    You should be notified by email prior to registration for your other courses whether you have been accepted into the Externship Clinic.

  15. When will I be notified of my specific placement?
    It will be several weeks before you are notified by email of your specific placement for the semester. Please be patient.

  16. What if I did not receive my first preference?
    Every effort is made to accommodate student requests for placements. You may not receive your preferred placement. If you are not willing to accept an alternative placement, please indicate that on your application before efforts are made to accept and register you for this Clinic. If you are open to accepting an alternative and appropriate placement, you will increase your likelihood of being accepted into this Clinic.

  17. Who sets my schedule at the placement?
    You and your placement supervisor should sit down early in the semester and agree on an acceptable schedule.

  18. Who keeps track of my hours at the placement?
    Some supervisors formally or informally keep track of your hours. Be sure to submit timesheets as directed by Prof. Hacking.

  19. Can I just work in the law school library this week because I have to do research?
    It is okay to do research outside of your placement, but it should not be the norm to operate outside of your placement office. Be sure to check with your placement supervisor to make sure that time spent out of the office is appropriate. Also, you should discuss specific issues regarding your office with Professor Hacking.