Corporate Counsel Practicum

The Corporate Counsel Practicum has been jointly administered by Saint Louis University School of Law and the St. Louis Chapter of the American Corporate Counsel Association since 1996.

The goal of the Practicum is to provide students with an opportunity for professional and personal growth through individual experimental education. The objectives are:

  1. Skills training (e.g. drafting, counseling, legal analysis, fact development, program-oriented research)
  2. Problem-solving training (i.e., blending strategic considerations, policy and ethical considerations, and the doctrines of substantive law to devise solutions to client problems)
  3. Exposure to the realities of corporate practice
  4. Critique of practice norms and institutional arrangements within which the corporate counsels practice (i.e., socializing students into corporate practice while guiding them to adopt their own standards of practice); and
  5. Instilling in students a sense of professional responsibility to represent the interests of others.

The Practicum is offered in the second semester of each academic year, which begins in early January. Professor Alan M. Weinberger is responsible for coordinating the school's portion of the Practicum including selection and registration of students.

Past corporate partners have included:

  • Ameren Services Company
  • Anheuser-Busch Companies
  • Kellwood Company
  • Trans States Airlines Inc.
  • Monsanto Company
  • Charter Communications, Inc.
  • Schnuck Markets, Inc.
  • Disco Group
  • Express Scripts

Contact Information
For more information please contact Alan Weinberger.

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