Access Banner Exam Number

Students are to use exam numbers to identify themselves on exams.  DO NOT USE YOUR NAME OR SSN as an identifier. These randomly assigned numbers change each semester. 

Please follow the instruction below to access your law school exam number.

Accessing Law School Exam Numbers on BANNER Self Service.

Follow these steps listed below:

Step 1. Log onto Banner Self-Service

Step 2. Select the Student & Financial Aid option

Step 3. Select Registration

Step 4. Select "Select Term"

Step 5. Select the current term from the pull-down menu

Step 6. Select Student Detail Schedule

Step 7. Your exam number will be posted at the top of the page.

If you have questions, or if your exam number does not appear, please contact the Law School Registrar, Janel Esker at or (314) 977-2769.


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