Additional FAQs

Q) If I "walk" in the May ceremony, does that mean I graduated?
A) No, it does not. Participation in the Commencement ceremony does not imply or infer that you have completed all requirements for graduation or that you are entitled to be awarded a degree at the time. Certification of transcripts must be completed before a degree is officially awarded.

If I am not due to graduate until August, am I permitted to walk in May?
A) Yes, as long as the following criteria are met:

  • The student is within seven credits of completion.
  • The student will fulfill all remaining requirements by the end of summer session at Saint Louis University.
  • The student is registered for the required classes.

Q) Do we receive graduation announcements?
A) Yes. Each graduate receives ten graduation announcements, and you will receive an email when your announcements are available for pickup in the Office of Student Services. Please note: the announcements are not tickets. You may invite as many guests as you wish to both the Hooding Ceremony and the University Commencement. No tickets are required.

Q) On which side does my tassel go?
A) If you are receiving a doctoral degree, you will place your tassel on the left side. You do not move the tassel to the right; it remains on the left before, during and after graduating.

Q) Will there be food and beverages for guests at the Hooding Ceremony?
A) A reception for all graduates and guests will follow in the Wool Ballroom of Busch Student Center.

Q) Who do I contact for additional questions?
A) You may contact Janel Esker, Law School Registrar, at 314-977-2769, or Jon Baris, Dean of Students, at 314-977-3675.

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