Saint Louis University

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Event Date Time City Contact
University of Kansas Law Fair 09/05/12 1pm-4pm Lawrence, KS Mike Kolnik
MINK Law Fair 09/06/12 3pm-6:30pm Kansas City Mike Kolnik
Kansas State Law Fair     Manhattan, KS Mike Kolnik
LSAC Atlanta Forum 09/08/12 11am-4pm Atlanta, GA Amanda Goldsmith
University of Georgia Law Fair 09/10/12 10am-2pm Athens, GA Amanda Goldsmith
University of South Carolina Law Fair 09/11/12 10am-1pm Columbia, SC Amanda Goldsmith
DePauw Graduate and Professional Fair 09/13/12 11am-1:30pm Greencastle, IN Alice Dickherber
LSAC Miami Forum 09/15/12 11am-4pm Miami, Florida Amanda Goldsmith
University of Mississippi Graduate and Professional Fair 09/17/12 2pm-4:30pm Oxford, MS Amanda Goldsmith
Michigan State University Law Fair 09/19/12 3pm-6pm Lansing, MI Mike Kolnik
University of Detroit Mercy Law Fair 09/20/12 10am-3pm Detroit, MI Mike Kolnik
University of Michigan Law Fair 09/20/12 3pm-6pm Ann Arbor, MI Mike Kolnik
Rhodes College Graduate and Professional Fair 09/20/12 4pm-6pm Memphis, TN Amanda Goldsmith
Mid-Atlantic Pre-Law Conference 09/21/12 11am-3pm Washington, DC Alice Dickherber
Virginia Tech Graduate and Professional Fair 09/24/12 10:30am-2pm Blacksburg, VA Mike Kolnik
University of Virginia Graduate and Professional Fair 09/25/12 10am-2pm Charlottesville, VA Mike Kolnik
James Madison Graduate and Professional Fair 09/25/12 4pm-7pm Harrisonburg, VA Mike Kolnik
Saint Louis University Graduate and Professional Fair 09/26/12 12pm-4pm St. Louis, MO Staffed by SLU LAW career services/student services
University of Southern Indiana 09/26/12 10am-2pm Evansville, IN Alice Dickherber
Indiana State Graduate and Professional Fair 09/26/12 10am-2pm Terre Haute, IN Amanda Goldsmith
Virginia Commonwealth University Graduate and Professional Fair 09/27/12 10am-1:30pm Richmond, VA Mike Kolnik
Purdue University Graduate and Professional Fair 09/27/12 9am-3pm West Lafayette, IN Amanda Goldsmith
LSAC Houston Forum 09/29/12 11am-4pm Houston, TX Amanda Goldsmith
University of Texas Dallas (SWAPLA) 10/01/12 10:30-12:30 Dallas, TX Amanda Goldsmith
SMU (SWAPLA) 10/01/12 2pm-4pm Dallas, TX Amanda Goldsmith
Georgetown College Graduate and Professional Fair 10/01/12 5pm-7pm Georgetown, KY Alice Dickherber
Centre College 10/02/12 3pm-5pm Lexington, KY Alice Dickherber
Texas A & M (SWAPLA) 10/02/12 11am-3pm College Station, TX Amanda Goldsmith
Illinois State 10/02/12 3pm-7pm Normal, IL Mike Kolnik
University of Central Missouri Career Fair 10/03/12 1pm-4pm Warrensburg, MO Jon Baris
University of Texas San Antonio (SWAPLA) 10/03/12 12pm-3pm San Antonio, Texas Amanda Goldsmith
University of Kentucky 10/03/12 11am-2pm Lexington, KY Alice Dickherber
Transylvania Law Fair 10/03/12 5:30pm-7:30pm Lexington, KY Alice Dickherber
Grinnell Graduate and Professional Fair 10/03/12 10am-12pm Grinnell, Iowa Shannon Morse
Chicago Graduate and Professional Fair, University of Illinois Chicago 10/04/12 3pm-7pm Chicago, IL Mike Kolnik
University of Texas Austin 10/04/12 11am-3pm Austin, TX Amanda Goldsmith
University of Arkansas Graduate and Professional Fair  10/04/12 12pm-4pm Fayetteville, AK Joe Taylor
University of Notre Dame Law Fair 10/05/12 10am-3pm South Bend, IN Mike Kolnik
Johns Hopkins University Law Fair 10/08/12 2:30-5:30pm Baltimore, MD Amanda Goldsmith
University of Maryland Law Fair 10/09/12 11am-2pm College Park, MD Amanda Goldsmith
George Washington University 10/09/12 4pm-7pm Washington, DC Amanda Goldsmith
Philadelphia Law Fair 10/10/12 2pm-6pm Philadelphia, PA Amanda Goldsmith
LSAC New York Forum 10/12/12 10am-5pm New York, NY Alice Dickherber
LSAC New York Forum 10/13/12 11pm-4pm New York, NY Alice Dickherber
University of Colorado  10/15/12 10am-2pm Boulder, CO Amanda Goldsmith
University of Utah (WAPLA) 10/16/12 10am-2pm Salt Lake City, UT Amanda Goldsmith
Penn State Law Fair 10/16/12 11am-2pm State College, PA Mike Kolnik
Brigham Young University (WAPLA) 10/17/12 10am-2pm Provo, UT Amanda Goldsmith
Bucknell University 10/17/12 3pm-6pm Lewisburg, PA Mike Kolnik
Spelman College Graduate & Professional School Fair 10/17/12 11:30am-2:30pm Atlanta, GA Lisa Taylor
University of Arizona (WAPLA) 10/18/12 10am-2pm Tucson, AZ Amanda Goldsmith
Atlanta University Center Consortium Graduate and Professional Fair (Morehouse, Spelman and Clark) 10/18/12 10am-3pm Atlanta, GA Lisa Taylor
University of Minnesota Graduate and Professional Fair 10/18/12 10am-2pm Minneapolis, MN Alice Dickherber
Arizona State University (WAPLA) 10/19/12 10am-2pm Tempe, AZ Amanda Goldsmith
Upper Midwest Law Fair 10/20/12 11am-1pm St. Paul, MN Alice Dickherber
University of Wisconsin-Madison (MAPLA) 10/22/12 11am-3pm Madison, WI Amanda Goldsmith
University of Illinois-Urbana (MAPLA) 10/23/12 11am-3pm Champaign, IL Amanda Goldsmith
Florida State Graduate and Professional Fair 10/23/12 10am-2pm Tallahassee, FL Mike Kolnik
Bradley University 10/24/12 11am-2:30pm Peoria, IL Alice Dickherber
Indiana University-Bloomington (MAPLA) 10/24/12 11am-3pm Bloomington, IN Amanda Goldsmith
Florida A & M Law Fair 10/24/12 10am-2pm Tallahassee, FL Mike Kolnik
Monmouth College 10/24/12 11am-1pm Monmouth, IL Alice Dickherber
Emory Graduate and Professional Fair 10/24/12 12pm-3pm Atlanta, GA Jocelyn Brennan-Witzel
University of Florida Graduate and Professional Fair 10/25/12 10am-2pm Gainesville, FL Mike Kolnik
Saint Louis University Law Fair (MAPLA) 10/25/12 11am-3pm St. Louis, MO Alice, Amanda, and others!
University of Cincinnati 10/29/12 11am-2pm Cincinnati, OH Amanda Goldsmith
University of Dayton Law Fair 10/30/12 11am-2pm Dayton, OH Amanda Goldsmith
Miami of Ohio Law Fair  10/31/12 11am-2pm Oxford, OH Amanda Goldsmith
Ohio State Law Fair 11/01/12 11am-2pm Columbus, OH Amanda Goldsmith
National Black Pre-Law Conference 11/02/12 1pm-5:30pm Houston, TX Alice Dickherber
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill 11/07/12 1pm-4pm Chapel Hill, NC Mike Kolnik
Wake Forest Law Fair 11/08/12 10am-1pm Winston-Salem, NC Mike Kolnik
University of Oregon Law Fair (WAPLA) 11/09/12 10am-2pm Eugene, OR Amanda Goldsmith
Portland State University Law Fair (WAPLA) 11/10/12 11am-2pm Portland, OR Amanda Goldsmith
LSAC Los Angeles Forum 11/10/12 11am-4pm Los Angeles, CA Mary Pat McInnis
University of Washington Law Fair 11/14/12 10am-2pm Seattle, WA Amanda Goldsmith
Boise State Law Fair (WAPLA) 11/15/12 9:30am-12:30pm Boise, ID Amanda Goldsmith
LSAC Boston Forum 11/17/12 11am-4pm Boston, MA Mike Kolnik