Vincent C. Immel Society

Vincent C. Immel Society

"The impact Vince had as a teacher on the way that law is practiced in this town is simply extraordinary. I suspect no other teacher has so influenced legal practice in any major city anywhere in the United States. If Yankee Stadium is the house that Ruth built, the St. Louis legal community is in large part, the bar that Immel taught and trained."

Joel K. Goldstein, Vincent C. Immel Professor of Law

The Immel Society recognizes donors who give a gift of $1,000 or more annually to the Loyal to Law Annual Fund or the SLU LAW General Scholarship Fund. The General Scholarship Fund supports the mission of assisting students in reducing debt load, by providing aid to the best and brightest at SLU LAW.

Gifts to the Loyal to Law Annual Fund assist the School of Law in furthering our mission by providing flexible, unrestricted funds. The Loyal to Law Fund provides Dean Wolff with resources, used only at his discretion, that will further the mission of the SLU LAW.

These funds are used in many ways, including:

  • Renewing and acquiring needed resources for the law library
  • Offsetting the cost of the law journals and the Moot Court programs
  • Supplementing career planning for students
  • Funding colloquia and seminars for students, faculty and alumni
  • Enhancing student activities

By donating to the Loyal to Law Annual Fund or the General Scholarship fund, you make a difference every day.

For more information about the Immel Society contact:

Sheridan Haynes
School of Law
Director of Development and Alumni Relations

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