Concentration in Employment Law

Since 1987, the Wefel Center for Employment Law has offered students the opportunity to achieve a Concentration in Employment Law while pursuing the J.D. degree.

To obtain a Concentration in Employment Law, students must complete eleven (11) hours of approved coursework and write a publishable paper on an employment law topic in addition to receiving the J.D. degree. Students pursuing a Concentration are required to take and pass with a grade of C or above the basic labor law course, "The Law of Labor Relations," but are otherwise free to choose approved employment law classes, including directed research projects, to focus their studies in the areas of employment law which most interest them.

Regularly scheduled classes and seminars which apply toward a Concentration in Employment Law are listed below:

  • Law of Labor Relations (3) (every year/day; alternating fall semesters/evening)
  • Unions and Their Members (2) (every year/evening)
  • Employment Discrimination (3) (every year/day)
  • Disability Discrimination Law (3) (every year/day; occasionally evening)
  • Employment Relations (2 or 3) (every year/day and summer)
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (2) (every year)
  • Workers' Compensation (1) (every year)
  • Sports Law: Labor Wrangling, Endorsement and the Art of the Deal (every year)

Seminars (usually offered in late afternoon or evening)

  • Labor Arbitration (2) (every year)
  • ERISA and Employee Benefits (2) (every year)
  • Current Issues in Employment Law (2) (every year)
  • Advanced Topics in Labor Law (2) (every year)

For more information about the Concentration program or the Center for Employment Law, please contact Professor Marcia McCormick, Director of the Center for Employment Law, Room 954.

Printable Application for the Concentration in Employment Law
Current courses that count toward the Employment Law Concentration
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