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There are few areas of law more relevant than the law governing the employment relationship. Laws regulating employment impact the lives of most people, and many of our social and economic policies are carried out through the employment relationship. Recognizing the additional importance of learning outside the classroom though externships, the Center established the Employment Law Semester in Washington, D. C.

The Employment Law Semester in D.C. is designed to provide students with in-depth, practical experience in federal labor and employment regulation and policy by working almost full time as externs at employment law-related federal agencies in Washington, D.C. for an entire semester. 

Students participating in the program will be eligible to earn 12 to 14 credits through a combination of experiential and course work. They will work 30, 33, or 36 hours per week for a full semester at an assigned externship placement to earn 10, 11 or 12 credits, respectively. Each student also will enroll in a complementary 2-credit course offering instruction on law practice within an agency, addressing professional responsibility issues that arise in agency practice as well as advanced topics in administrative, labor and employment law.

Offered annually in the spring semester, the program is available to students enrolled in the employment law concentration program. Each student is required to have successfully completed Administrative Law, Labor Law, and Professional Responsibility prior to his or her semester in Washington, D.C.

The Employment Law Semester in Washington, D.C. relies on licensed practitioners employed at the federal agencies where students are placed to act as the supervising attorneys. The supervising attorney will oversee the student's work, assuring that it serves both the educational purpose of the placement and the needs of the agency. Each student is also paired with an alumni mentor who provides individual support during the semester. Mentors will be selected from SLU LAW alumni working in Washington D.C. 

For more information about the Wefel Center for Employment Law and the Employment Law Semester in Washington, D. C., contact Professor Marcia McCormick at or (314) 977-4263.