Recent CISL Events

The inaugural CISL symposium was held in 2011 and was co-sponsored by the SLU LAW Legal Clinics. The conference, "Battered Women Who Kill," brought together attorneys and other advocates with scholars specializing in spousal and partner abuse. The speakers discussed current legal responses to domestic violence and suggested areas for possible reform.

The 2012 CISL symposium, "Our Self-Medicating Culture," explored factors of American society that contribute to a trend of self-medication. Scholars discussed work, family, and other social pressures that can lead some people to self-medicate. Experts also spoke about how current American legal and social services address the underlying factors that contribute to drug use and self-medication.

In addition to hosting an annual symposium, CISL has hosted monthly interdisciplinary faculty research lunches. These lunches allow faculty an opportunity to present their current interdisciplinary research projects to other faculty members in relevant departments across the university in order to receive feedback and suggestions for future research.

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