SLU LAW Emergency Response Guide

Emergency Numbers

DPSEP: 314-977-3000
Dean's Office: 314-977-2700
Assistance with a student in psychological crisis: 314-977-2323

Fire or Other Alarm

All alarms must be considered valid unless prior notification has been made announcing the testing of the alarm system. If you discover a fire, pull the fire alarm pull station as you exit the building. If you can do so safely, notify others as you leave the building. Close (but do not lock) all doors behind you as you exit the building. If there is access to a phone, call 911 or 314-977-3000 to notify DPSEP of the situation.

  • Evacuate immediately
    At the sound of any fire or other alarm in the School of Law, all occupants (faculty, staff, students and visitors) should immediately, but calmly, evacuate the building using the nearest exit. Individuals in an area without a ground floor exit should evacuate the building by using the stairs. The elevators should not be used.
  • Individuals who cannot use the stairs
    An individual who cannot use the stairs, and who is not in an area with a ground floor exit when the alarm sounds, should go to the North internal stairwell's landing area of the floor she is on. Rescue personnel have been alerted to check in these areas immediately upon their arrival.
  • Report to designated gathering area to await further information
    The School of Law designated evacuee gathering area is the park directly across the street from the School of Law on Tucker Blvd. All evacuees should wait in the gathering area for further information or direction. Only DPSEP can issue the order to return to the building.


Tornado or Other Weather Related Emergencies

Upon notification and/or warning siren, immediately seek shelter. School of Law occupants should take shelter within an interior room or bathroom and avoid any area with glass windows and doors. The following areas on each floor of the School of Law are specifically designated for tornado sheltering. The internal stairwells are also designated for tornado sheltering.

1st Floor - Hallway behind the elevator bank
Garage Floors - Seek shelter on 1st or 7th floors
5th Floor - Men's and Women's restrooms
6th Floor - Men's and Women's restrooms
7th Floor - Men's and Women's restrooms and Study Rooms
8th Floor - Faculty Workshop, Staff Lounge, Faculty Lounge
9th Floor - Classrooms 905, 913 and 983, Men's and Women's restrooms
10th Floor - Interview Rooms 1009, 1036, 1043, Men's and Women's restrooms
11th Floor - Men's and Women's restrooms
12th Floor - Seek shelter on the 11th or lower floor

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