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November 11, 2012

Description: Midwest Clinical Conference 2012


Event/ Topic/Presenters
8-9 AM
Vincent Immel Atrium
Breakfast and Affinity Groups

9-10:15 AM

Concurrent Sessions: The Future

Session 1
Morrissey Hall
Room 302

An Online Digital Collaboration Platform and the Future of Legal Education

Michele Pistone, Villanova Law School

Session 2
Morrissey Hall
Room 304

Growing the Organic Clinic: Developing Clinics Based on
Foundational Principles to Make Students Truly "Practice Ready"

Professors Eyster and Koelsch will offer their own organic principles for law school clinics and then conduct small group exercises to encourage attendees to think about what principles they want to underlie the pedagogical and physical structures of their clinics. Professor Koelsch will provide workshop participants with a physical footprint, a range of options for how clinical space could be used, and a list of available technologies. Participants will design their ideal clinic and then report back to the group why they chose certain configurations and technologies. The exercise should help clinicians think deeply about how their own clinics may or may not provide ample space not only to accomplish the business of the clinics but also to promote interaction and reflective moments by law students and faculty. Think of it as The Sims for clinicians – create your own utopia!

Professor Eyster will then introduce an exercise he has designed on drafting motions in immigration cases that reflects his commitment to promoting student-led learning. Specifically, he will show how his belief that the best lawyers display humanity is beneficial in drafting motions that authentically communicate to judges, expressing both the needs of the client and the judge. After a short solo thinking period, attendees will divide into pairs and carry out the exercise. In reporting back, the attendees will be asked to comment, not on the exercise itself, but rather on how such exercises can be best used to realize the foundational precepts for the clinical experience.

Jason Eyster, Thomas M. Cooley Law School
David Koelsch, University of Detroit Mercy School of Law

Session 3
Morrissey Hall
Room 307

Complex Supervision Scenarios: When Client Services, Ethics, Morals,
and Partnership Dynamics Collide

Jaime Dahlstedt, Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law at Arizona State University

10:15-10:30 AM
10:30-11:45 AM
Concurrent Sessions:

Session 1
Morrissey Hall
Room 302

Teaching Legal Resilience: Perseverance in the Face of Loss

Tricia Bushnell, University of Wisconsin Law School
Sarah Davis, University of Wisconsin Law School
Mitch, University of Wisconsin Law School
Sean O'Brien, University of Missouri at Kansas City - School of Law

Session 2
Morrissey Hall
Room 303

Learning from the Past: Renaissance of the Simulation Clinic?

Using the theme “past, present, and future,” Gretchen Viney will describe how a long-standing simulation clinic, the Lawyering Skills Course at the University of Wisconsin Law School, could serve as a model for other stand-alone simulation clinics or for simulation modules attached to existing courses.

Gretchen Viney, University of Wisconsin Law School

Session 3
Morrissey Hall
Room 307

The Changing Roles and Expectations of Externship Clinics
in a Diverse Legal Environment

Externship clinics have functioned in law schools around the country for many years. This presentation will explore that history and how externships have changed over time. Specifically, we will look at ABA restrictions and innovations externship clinicians have made. We will also discuss in more detail two areas of particular significance in externship clinics (pro bono v. for-profit placements, and the role of field supervisors), and how best to resolve common issues in these areas. Consistent with the conference theme, we will address the past, present and future of externship clinics and their contributions to student's "practice readiness."

Amany Ragab Hacking, Saint Louis University School of Law

11:45 AM-NOON
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