Description: Midwest Clinical Conference 2012

Opening Plenary
Looking Back and Thinking Forward: The State of Clinical Legal Education and Clinicians

Drawing from data gathered in the Center for the Study of Applied Legal Education’s 2007-8 and 2010-11 surveys, and from other studies and reports, Professors Kuehn and Santacroce will discuss the evolution of clinical legal education and educators over the last quarter century. The session also will provide information about the characteristics, rights, and duties of clinical faculty at 160 law schools, allowing the attendees to consider the possible need for changes at their own institutions or the challenges faced by clinical legal education as a whole. Finally, the plenary will use the CSALE data to explore potential future trends in clinical legal education.

David Santracroce, University of Michigan School of Law
Bob Kuehn, Washington Univeristy School of Law


Top 20 Things Students Should Know Before Graduation

John Ammann, Saint Louis University School of Law
Patricia Harrison, Saint Louis University School of Law


The Potential for Community-Based Clinics to Advance Social Justice and Provide Clinical Education for Law Graduates: Personal, Political, and Pedagogical Challenges and Rewards

In this plenary we will examine the idea of “community lawyering” – what it means, why it is important, and how it can improve access to justice.  We will address the challenges of translating community lawyering aspirations into the context of clinical law teaching and learning.  The panelists will focus on three key components to effective community lawyering:  interfacing with client communities and building partnerships, student/client self-direction and empowerment, and collaboration.  We will pull these three components together by asking participants to engage in an exercise designed to help them explore the concepts in their own community, law school, and program contexts. The plenary will close with an opportunity for questions and an exchange of ideas.

Christine Cimini, University of Vermont
Nancy Cook, University of Minnesota Law School
Karen Tokarz, Washington University School of Law

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