Saint Louis University

Room Reservation Instructions


Submit an Online Room Reservation Form. Julie Orr will get back to you within 24 hours.
Reservations are made Monday through Friday after 3 p.m. If you have any questions, please contact Julie,, 977-7074.


Until your reservation is confirmed, the event cannot be advertised. Requests must be received by noon on Wednesday the week prior to the event or two weeks prior if you want your event publicized, and no more than 30 days in advance. For example: A program that is scheduled the week of October 18 should be requested by noon on Wednesday, October 13. Seven days advance notice is required for programs that will be serving food provided by the Law School. Last minute requests will not be accommodated.


Please request attendees to RSVP, especially when food is being served.
This will help in our efforts to reduce waste.


Student Organizations are responsible for cleaning up after the event and returning the room to its original setting.


Students should not schedule organizational meetings that conflict with any School of Law scheduled event without prior approval from Julie Orr,, 977-7074.
No class will be moved to accommodate an event.


For additional information, see the   Event Planning Overview


To publicize your event, go to SLU LAW Announcements

If you have any questions, please contact Julie at 977-7074.