Budget Information

The Student Bar Association is responsible for governing the process for distributing funds to student organizations. The budget process begins with the student organizations submitting to the SBA Treasurer a budget proposal. Budget proposals consist of a budget form and an optional addendum explaining the figures on the budget form and any other information the organization wants to bring to the attention of the budget committee.

The SBA Treasurer leads a budget committee, consisting of elected SBA representatives, that carefully considers each and every budget request. The committee drafts a proposed budget, which is sent to the Treasurers of all student organizations for their review. The SBA Treasurer leads a meeting, with all SBA Budget Committee members present, of all Presidents and Treasurers where the proposed budget is discussed. Taking into consideration the points made at that meeting, the SBA Budget Committee reconvenes and drafts a budget that it presents to the SBA for approval. That proposed budget is approved by a simple majority vote of SBA representatives. In the event the recommended budget does not pass, the SBA may make changes to the recommended budget, but should only do so if they believe the SBA Budget Committee abused its discretion in drafting the proposed budget.

Questions?  E-mail SBA Treasurer, Mary Leutenegger

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