Saint Louis University

The Student Bar Association, in addition to many other School of Law student organizations, recognizes the importance of philanthropic involvement within the St. Louis community. The following highlights a few of the events the SBA has recently sponsored.

American Red Cross Blood Drive

For several years the SBA has sponsored blood drives in conjunction with the American Red Cross. The Missouri-Illinois Blood Services Region annually distributes over 500,000 blood products to patients in need, relying on about 1,200 donations of whole blood every day in order to meet the needs of patients. Just one donation can help save up to 3 lives! Blood received from donations is used to treat people with anemia, transplant patients and automobile accident victims. The blood products are also an important part of treating cancer patients, people suffering from shock and serious burns, in addition to helping patients with blood disorders. Unfortunately, although 60% of the general public is eligible to donate blood, only 5% give. The blood drive is an important opportunity for School of Law students, faculty and administration to make a life-saving difference.