SBA Social Activities

Hey, we understand that your trash is overflowing and your bank account isn’t. A big part of SBA is squaring the social life with the student life. These big events on the calendar have become unfailing good times, sure to ease your white-knuckle grip on the library table.

Ask: If law school is so hard to get through, how come there are so many lawyers?
And then come out and join us.



The words “institution” and “tradition” come to mind without risking hyperbole. SLU’s burgeoning league stands as the quintessence of our law school’s friendly culture.

Family Day/Trivia Night
SBA co-sponsors a Trivia night with School of Law alumni at Busch Student Center. Family Day allows students to bring their family members, spouses and significant others to school and participate in a mock law school class taught by Dean Lewis.


Barrister's Ball
A classic evening of drinks, dinner, and dancing at the Crowne Plaza. SBA’s signature tradition will feature a coursed dinner, six five-hour open bars, and, of course, a live band.  Barrister’s grows with every year. Make sure you’re one of them.

50 Days Party
When third-year students are 50 days from graduation, the jubilance flows freely.

End of the Year Party
Always big. Cardinals games, Fairmount Race Track, and party busing spot-to-spot have each happened in the past. When the year’s rigors are over, it doesn’t really matter where the event is. Life is just good.

Atrium Socials
Throughout the semesters, SBA hosts events in the Atrium with food, soda and beer. Sometimes the Pointer’s Pizza Challenge makes a showing, other times it’s chili and food cook-offs.

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