Why Should I Join the ABA?

1. Window to the Outside World
Division membership provides a critical window for law students to look outside law school and into the issues facing professionals in the legal field. Membership in the Division allows students to join the world’s largest professional organization of lawyers.

Members receive subscriptions to both the ABA Journal and the Student Lawyer Magazine. These publications provide a wealth of accurate, concise and timely information to help students "get a jump" on the real world.

2. Insight into Specific Fields of Law
The Association features over 30 sections, divisions and forum committees, each concentrating on a particular area of the legal field. Division members who have an interest in a particular field of law may join ABA sections, divisions and forum committees. (See the ABA website for a complete list of links to ABA entities.) Membership in specific sections allows students to gain practical information and opportunities to attend conferences with lawyers who are prominent in the field. Many sections offer membership for free or at substantially reduced rates (from $5 to $20) for law students.

3. Professional Development
Division membership provides an excellent opportunity to establish contact with leading practitioners in the Association and law students throughout the country. Involvement in sections allows students to interact and learn from leading attorneys in that field. By joining individual sections, students interested in a particular field of law can receive detailed information on the latest events and trends in that field. This is an excellent opportunity for students who are undecided on a particular area of law to explore different fields.

Division members may obtain publications that allow them to explore different fields of law and make career decisions. The Division’s Career Series allows students to preview various areas of law from the perspective of attorneys who practice in that field. Each book contains practical tips on entering the field, including courses to take, recommended work experience and how to make contacts. Special discounts are available to Division members. For additional information, visit http://www.abanet.org/abastore and search keyword, “Career Series”.

4. Leadership Opportunities
The Division provides a unique forum for student involvement and leadership development in the largest national legal organization. Positions are available on a local, regional and national level. On a local level, members may serve as ABA School Representatives. On a regional level, members may serve as Governors or Lieutenant Governors. On a national level, members may serve as National Officers, Division Delegates or Liaisons. Additionally, members may be appointed National Student Directors of the following programs: Arbitration Competition, Client Counseling Competition, National Appellate Advocacy Competition, Negotiation Competition and Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program.

5. Discounts on Products and Services
Division members receive discounts on many products and services. These discounts are provided through the Membership division and are designed to help reduce the costs of attending law school and practicing law. In addition to the general benefits provided by the ABA Membership/Marketing Department, Law Student Division members also receive discounts and other incentives on:

a. Preliminary Multistate Bar Review Course (PMBR)www.pmbr.com
PMBR specializes in preparing students for the Multistate Bar Examination (a.k.a. the M.B.E.). Students who supplement their general bar review courses with PMBR often achieve the highest MBE scores in many jurisdictions. Your membership in the Law Student Division entitles you to four substantial discounts on PMBR course tuition. Members receive a $70 discount off the three-day course offered nationwide, or a $100 discount off the six day workshop if they apply early.

b. Bar/Brihttp://www.barbri.com
Bar/Bri offers all ABA Law Student Division members a coupon for the following:

1. One free title of your choice from the Legaline series ($25 value).
2. One free audiocassette from the Law School Legends Series with the purchase of another of equal or lesser value.
3. One free copy of the Casebriefs software with the purchase of another of equal or greater value.
4. $5 off Legal Employment Guides.
5. ABA Law Student Division members are also eligible to apply for partial Bar/Bri bar review course scholarships (http://www.abanet.org/lsd/barbri.pdf)

c. Student Resources Health Insurance – http://www.studentresources.com/aba
Through Student Resources (MEGA Health Insurance Co), the Division offers members a major medical health plan for law student members and up to one year after graduation (provided there is no break in coverage). ABA Representatives will receive a supply of brochures and enrollment applications from the insurance administrator. Additional copies may be requested from the Law Student Division (abalsd@abanet.org). Representatives should make this information available to students as early as possible so that students can meet this need before the semester begins.

Students can also enroll online at Student Resources (http://www.studentresources.com/aba).

d. Homeowners and Auto Insurance - www.libertymutual.com/lm/abi
A new benefit offering high-quality auto, homeowners and renters insurance at low group rates is available from Liberty Mutual and American Bar Insurance (ABI). For a free, no-obligation quote call 800.955.3379.

e. Hertz Rental Carwww.abanet.org/advantage/hertz or 800.654.2230
Under 25? ABA Law Student Division members can rent a car without underage surcharges, thanks to the ABA’s program with Hertz. Mention CDP#13000 when contacting Hertz.

f. Bank of Americawww.abanet.org/advantage/creditcard
The ABA credit cards from Bank of America rewards you for your everyday purchases and gives you the financial power and flexibility you need.

g. Collegiate Funding Services (SM)http://www.cfsloans.com/aba or 866.919.0935
Even if you are still in school, it may make sense to consolidate your eligible Federal student loans in order to lock-in a low interest rate.
Please contact your ABA Representative for additional information.

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