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Government Research Links:

Federal, State, Local, and Global

Legal Research

Common Legislative History Abbreviations
Digest Guide
Finding Federal Statutes & Cases
Finding Federal Regulations
Federal Statutes: Abbreviations & Locations
Guide to Regional Reporters
Guide to Regional Reporters and Jurisdictional Codes
Guide to State and District of Columbia Statutes (Codified Laws)
Health Care Reform, 2010
Introduction to Legal Materials
Legal Citation - Reported Court Cases
Missouri Bar Publications (MOBAR CLE's)
Overview of Legal Research
Priority, Connectors, Wildcards, and Plurals in LexisNexis and Westlaw

Library Research Guides

Pius Library Research Guides

Administrative and Regulatory Law
Federal Statutes: Abbreviations and Locations at Saint Louis University Law Library
Free Websites for Federal and State Legal Information
Legal Citations
Missouri Legal Research
Public Health Law and Policy
Researching Copyright Law
Trademark Law Research
Transactional Drafting

Resources for First Year Law Students


Guide to Researching Clinical Trials Registration and Results Reporting Requirements
Guide To Cross-Border Trucking and the Safety Standards
Guide to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act
Illegal Immigrants and Their Access to In-State Tuition
A Research Guide to Procedural Due Process Rights of Public Assistance Beneficiaries
A Research Guide to Trademark and the First-Sale Doctrine on the Internet
A Research Guide to Stacking of Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Policies
A Guide to Researching Employment Law and the Standards that Regulate Workplace Discrimination 

Subscription Services

LexisNexis for Law Students
Loislaw - campuswide access
Westlaw for Law Students
Bloomberg Law 

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