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School of Professional Studies 2019-20 Cost Simulator


The information provided in the SIMULATOR is intended to help you review the many options available for affording a Saint Louis University education for the 2019-20 academic year. Please read the following financing options carefully.


Click below to see how changes in room, board, books and parking will effect your total estimated 2019-20 costs.

    Fall Spring Total
Total estimated 2019-20 costs:


Anticipated 2019-20 Scholarship/Financial Aid

Enter your estimate below for any anticipated scholarship/financial aid. Scholarship/financial aid includes scholarships or grants from Saint Louis University, federal, state or private programs. Dollar amounts entered in this section will reduce your estimated balance after aid. Your balance will change when you TAB off of each field.

Anticipated Scholarship/Grants
Your estimated balance after aid:


Financing Options

Enter your estimates below for each of the financing options listed. Dollar amounts entered in this section will reduce your balance after financing options. Your balance will change when you TAB

Fall Spring Total
Family Savings / 529 Plan
Federal Direct Loans (click for more info.) - Minus a 1.062% fee
Federal Parent (PLUS) Loan (click for more info.) - Minus a 4.248% fee
Alternative Loans (click for more info.)
Your balance after financing options:


University Payment Plan

5 Monthly payments (click for more info.)

The above amounts do not include the additional 1% per month finance charge or $75 per semester enrollment fee.


For Further Assistance

If you have any questions or comments, please contact a Student Financial Services Counselor, or visit for more information about financial aid. We welcome the opportunity to assist you.