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4-Digit Course Numbering

Published February 28, 2015.

In Fall 2015*, all Saint Louis University course numbers transitioned to four digit numbering. Some departments simply added a zero to the end of previous numbers and some departments have changed the numbering system significantly.

Below are historical listings of the course numbering changes. Courses number changes after Fall 2015 are not reflected in the below listings.

Click below for a listing of the Course Subjects beginning with a given letter.

CAD - Center/Advanced Dental (Printable PDF)

Old 3-digit New 4-digit Title
CAD - 501CAD - 5010Pain: Anat, Phys, Psy, Trtmt
CAD - 503CAD - 5030Advanced Oral Microbiology
CAD - 504CAD - 5040Molecular Biology of the Cell
CAD - 505CAD - 5050Intro to Statistical Inference
CAD - 506CAD - 5060Ethics and Dentistry
CAD - 508CAD - 5080Multidis Diag + Trtmnt Plan I
CAD - 510CAD - 5100Dental Therapeutics
CAD - 511CAD - 5110Principles of Practice Mangmnt
CAD - 513CAD - 5130Multidis Diag + Trtmnt Plan II
CAD - 514CAD - 5140TMJ Disorders
CAD - 516CAD - 5160Advanced Oral Medicine
CAD - 517CAD - 5170Advanced Oral Pathology
CAD - 518CAD - 5180Business Law II
CAD - 519CAD - 5190Advanced Head and Neck Anatomy
CAD - 522CAD - 5220Clinical Immunology
CAD - 523CAD - 5230Business Law
CAD - 524CAD - 5240Implants/Temp Anchorage Device
CAD - 595CAD - 5950Special Study for Exams

*The Department of English (ENGL subject) transitioned to four digit numbering in the Fall 2014.