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4-Digit Course Numbering

Published February 28, 2015.

In Fall 2015*, all Saint Louis University course numbers transitioned to four digit numbering. Some departments simply added a zero to the end of previous numbers and some departments have changed the numbering system significantly.

Below are historical listings of the course numbering changes. Courses number changes after Fall 2015 are not reflected in the below listings.

Click below for a listing of the Course Subjects beginning with a given letter.

CTM - Contract Management (PS) (Printable PDF)

Old 3-digit New 4-digit Title
CTM - 300CTM - 3000Basic Principles of Contract Management
CTM - 325CTM - 3250Contract Formation and Performance
CTM - 335CTM - 3350Contract Administration and Monitoring
CTM - 345CTM - 3450Project Management: Principles and Practices
CTM - 355CTM - 3550Supplier Relations
CTM - 400CTM - 4000Intellectual Property Protection
CTM - 415CTM - 4150Contract Acquisition: Process and Negotiation
CTM - 425CTM - 4250Contracting in the Global Marketplace
CTM - 498CTM - 4980Independent Study

*The Department of English (ENGL subject) transitioned to four digit numbering in the Fall 2014.