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4-Digit Course Numbering

Published February 28, 2015.

In Fall 2015*, all Saint Louis University course numbers transitioned to four digit numbering. Some departments simply added a zero to the end of previous numbers and some departments have changed the numbering system significantly.

Below are historical listings of the course numbering changes. Courses number changes after Fall 2015 are not reflected in the below listings.

Click below for a listing of the Course Subjects beginning with a given letter.

HIM - Health Information Mgmt (Printable PDF)

Old 3-digit New 4-digit Title
HIM - 270HIM - 2700Medical Terminology
HIM - 300HIM - 3000Foundations in Health Information Management
HIM - 310HIM - 3100Medico-Legal Aspects
HIM - 320HIM - 3200Health Data Management
HIM - 330HIM - 3300Classification Systems I
HIM - 350HIM - 3500Management for the Health Care Professional
HIM - 360HIM - 3600HIM Theory & Practice
HIM - 375HIM - 3750Fundamentals of Clinical Medicine
HIM - 415HIM - 4150Quality Improvement
HIM - 420HIM - 4200Research Design, Critique
HIM - 430HIM - 4300Classifications Systems II
HIM - 440HIM - 4400Clinical Data Analytics
HIM - 450HIM - 4500Human Resource Management in Healthcare
HIM - 451HIM - 4510Health Care Financial Mgmt
HIM - 453HIM - 4530Professional Practice
HIM - 461HIM - 4610Electronic Health Systems Management
HIM - 498HIM - 4950Senior Seminar
HIM - 499HIM - 4980Special Studies

*The Department of English (ENGL subject) transitioned to four digit numbering in the Fall 2014.