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4-Digit Course Numbering

Published February 28, 2015.

In Fall 2015*, all Saint Louis University course numbers transitioned to four digit numbering. Some departments simply added a zero to the end of previous numbers and some departments have changed the numbering system significantly.

Below are historical listings of the course numbering changes. Courses number changes after Fall 2015 are not reflected in the below listings.

Click below for a listing of the Course Subjects beginning with a given letter.

RLC - Research Learning Community (Printable PDF)

Old 3-digit New 4-digit Title
RLC - 101RLC - 0101Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Recognition Study
RLC - 102RLC - 0102Jail-Based Healthcare Program Study
RLC - 103RLC - 0103Partners for Success Intervention Study
RLC - 104RLC - 0104Impact of Eating Disorder Workshop on Med Stud Knowledge, Attitudes & Care of Patients w/Eating DID
RLC - 105RLC - 0105Assessment of Medical School Curriculum on and Medical Student Perception of Eating Disorders
RLC - 106RLC - 0106Advancing Interconception Wellness Among At Risk Post-Partum Women
RLC - 107RLC - 0107The Research Tract

*The Department of English (ENGL subject) transitioned to four digit numbering in the Fall 2014.