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Undergraduate Open Courses for Fall 2018   as of 7:30 AM on Apr 27, 2018

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Subject: OCS - Occupational Science
Campus Course CRN Hrs Course Title Day(s) Time Max
SMCOCS-1000-01103072Seminar in OT PracticeT2:15-3:30 pm6059
SMCOCS-1010-01167012Intro to Occup. Sci & TherapyR2:15-3:30 pm603
SMCOCS-3120-01103083The Study of OccupationTR11:00-12:15 pm603
SMCOCS-3220-01103093Contexts of OccupationTR12:45-2:00 pm602
SMCOCS-3320-01103103Development of Humans as Occupational BeingsTR2:15-3:30 pm601
SMCOCS-3520-01202993Personal and Community WellnessM9:00-11:50 am6666
SMCOCS-3620-01203003Lived Exp: Disab & Chron CondW9:00-11:50 am6666
SMCOCS-3720-01203013Critical Perspectives of Culture, Occupation, & JusticeTR8:00-9:15 am6666
SMCOCS-4620-01103113Clinical Conditions & PhenomenTR3:45-5:00 pm654
SMCOCS-4980-01147963Independent Study109
SMCOCS-4980-01238763Independent Study1010

Subject: OPM - Operations Management

Campus Course CRN Hrs Course Title Day(s) Time Max
FROPM-2070-01230913Intro: Business StatisticsMWF10:00-10:50 am4545
FROPM-2070-02139773Intro: Business StatisticsMW4:35-5:50 pm403
FROPM-2070-02230923Intro: Business StatisticsMWF1:10-2:00 pm4545
FROPM-2070-03273353Intro: Business StatisticsTR2:15-3:30 pm4545
FROPM-2070-50266993Intro: Business StatisticsW6:00-8:45 pm4545
FROPM-3050-01230933Intro Mgt. Sci./Operation MgtMW4:35-5:50 pm4545
FROPM-3050-02230943Intro Mgt. Sci./Operation MgtTR9:30-10:45 am4545
FROPM-3050-03230953Intro Mgt. Sci./Operation MgtTR2:15-3:30 pm4545
FROPM-3050-04139853Intro Mgt. Sci./Operation MgtTR2:15-3:30 pm402

Subject: ORES - Outcomes Research

Campus Course CRN Hrs Course Title Day(s) Time Max
FRORES-2300-01139723Survey of Epidemiology in Health Services ResearchW2:30-5:00 pm5039
FRORES-2310-01230893Introduction to Clinical MedicineW2:00-4:30 pm6060
SMCORES-2320-01144052Interprofess Health OutcomesT2:10-3:55 pm10036
SMCORES-2320-01236842Interprofess Health OutcomesT2:10-4:00 pm6060