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Undergraduate Open Courses for Fall 2018   as of 7:30 AM on Apr 27, 2018

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Subject: XRT - Radiation Therapy
Campus Course CRN Hrs Course Title Day(s) Time Max
SMCXRT-4310-01136822Radiation PhysicsMW8:00-8:50 am3021
SMCXRT-4320-01136833Radiation Therapy Practice IMW10:00-11:15 am145
SMCXRT-4330-01136843Treatment TechniquesMW9:00-9:50 am145
SMCXRT-4340-01136853Treatment PlanningR4:45-7:30 pm145
SMCXRT-4350-01225766Clinical Practicum I1414
SMCXRT-4360-01136862Emerging TechnologiesTR1:00-1:50 pm145
SMCXRT-4420-01225773Radiation Therapy Practice IIR2:00-3:45 pm1414
SMCXRT-4440-01225783Clinical DosimetryR4:15-7:00 pm1414
SMCXRT-4450-01301602Clinical Practicum IIMTWRF7:30-4:30 pm1414
SMCXRT-4500-01136873Rad Onc Pat. Care & Qual ManagTR11:00-12:15 pm145
SMCXRT-4510-01136882Radiobiology/Rad ProtectionTR9:30-10:20 am145
SMCXRT-4960-01217601Capstone in Radiation Therapy1414