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Undergraduate Open Courses for Fall 2017   as of 7:30 AM on Sep 8, 2017

Courses with Subject Codes of EDSP

Courses with less than 5 Open Seats display in Red.

Subject: EDSP - Education - Special Education
Campus Course CRN Hrs Course Title Day(s) Time Max
FREDSP-3700-01156523Intro to Disabilities StudiesTR9:30-10:45 am246
FREDSP-3700-02180783Intro to Disabilities StudiesMW2:15-3:30 pm261
FREDSP-3980-10122603Independent Study55
FREDSP-3980-29122613Independent Study55
FREDSP-3980-30122623Independent Study55
FREDSP-3980-33122633Independent Study55
FREDSP-3980-35126253Independent Study55
FREDSP-3980-45126263Independent Study55
FREDSP-3980-63126273Independent Study55
FREDSP-4240-01101903Classroom Organization and Management (EC, ECSE, ELEM, SpEd)F1:10-3:40 pm209
FREDSP-4310-01101913Ed & Psych of the Exp IndTR2:15-3:30 pm201
FREDSP-4310-01H126283Ed & Psych of the Exp IndTR2:15-3:30 pm2019
FREDSP-4310-02101923Ed & Psych of the Exp IndM4:15-7:00 pm2210
FREDSP-4310-02H126293Ed & Psych of the Exp IndM4:15-7:00 pm2220
FREDSP-4380-01172941Student Teaching in Early Childhood Inclusive ClassroomsM6:00-9:45 pm11
FREDSP-4480-01101933Teach Meth Incl Class Mid&SecT8:30-11:00 am121
FREDSP-4600-01104633Medical Implications in SpEdM1:10-3:40 pm245
FREDSP-4640-01144043Seminar in ECSER1:10-3:40 pm128
FREDSP-4850-01126301Student Tch:Elem Incl Clssrm1512
FREDSP-4980-07126313Independent Study1010
FREDSP-4980-10122643Independent Study55
FREDSP-4980-29122653Independent Study55
FREDSP-4980-30122663Independent Study55
FREDSP-4980-33122673Independent Study55
FREDSP-4980-35126323Independent Study55
FREDSP-4980-45126333Independent Study55
FREDSP-4980-63126343Independent Study55