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Undergraduate Open Courses for Fall 2013
   as of 7:37 AM on Jun 17, 2015

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Subject: FSTD - Film Studies
Campus Course CRN Hrs Course Title Day(s) Time Max
FRFSTD-104-01145623Approaching the Arts: Art&FilmW6:30-9:00 pm32
FRFSTD-270-01145633Introduction to FilmTR9:30-10:45 am102
FRFSTD-270-02145643Introduction to FilmMWF9:00-9:50 am107
FRFSTD-270-03185963Introduction to FilmMWF12:00-12:50 pm104
FRFSTD-312-01145673Audio-Visual Script WritingTR3:45-5:00 pm52
FRFSTD-318-01145683Film: Visions of the FutureTR9:30-10:45 am1010
FRFSTD-320-01145693Saints and Sinners in Russian Literature and Film: 19 c.MWF1:10-2:00 pm55
FRFSTD-377-01145703Film and Literature: Monsters and MarvelsW2:10-4:30 pm107
FRFSTD-379-01145713War in Literature and Film: The Civil WarTR12:45-2:00 pm108
FRFSTD-409-01189773ScreenwritingM2:10-4:40 pm53
FRFSTD-417-01145753American Film History: The WesternMWF12:00-12:50 pm108
FRFSTD-443-01145773New Media Writing: New Media AdvocacyTR11:00-12:15 pm1010
FRFSTD-461-01185993French CinemaMW1:10-3:10 pm1010
FRFSTD-490-01145783Film Studies Internship108
FRFSTD-498-01145793Adv Independent Study54