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Undergraduate Open Courses for Spring 2018   as of 7:30 AM on Oct 12, 2017

Courses with Subject Codes of HIST

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Subject: HIST - History
Campus Course CRN Hrs Course Title Day(s) Time Max
FRHIST-1110-01200813Origins of the Modern World to 1500TR9:30-10:45 am2525
FRHIST-1110-02200823Origins of the Modern World to 1500MWF12:00-12:50 pm2525
FRHIST-1110-03H231863Origins of the Modern World to 1500MWF10:00-10:50 am1919
FRHIST-1110-04200833"Where Do You Come From:" Origins of the Modern World to 1500MWF11:00-11:50 am2525
FRHIST-1110-05205373Origins of the Modern World to 1500TR11:00-12:15 pm2525
FRHIST-1110-06200843Origins of the Modern World to 1500MWF9:00-9:50 am2525
FRHIST-1110-07222633Origins of the Modern World to 1500MWF1:10-2:00 pm2525
FRHIST-1110-08224503"Gods, Spirits, and Power in the Ancient World" Origins of the Modern World to 1500TR12:45-2:00 pm2525
FRHIST-1110-09231983Origins of the Modern World to 1500R5:30-8:00 pm2525
FRHIST-1110-11239223"Sickness and Healing: Origins of the Mordern World to 1500TR12:45-2:00 pm2525
FRHIST-1120-01261793"Sickness and Healing"MWF12:00-12:50 pm2525
FRHIST-1120-02200853Origins of the Modern World, 1500 to PresentMW10:00-10:50 am175175
FRHIST-1120-03229473Origins of the Modern World, 1500 to PresentMWF10:00-10:50 am2525
FRHIST-1120-04200863Origins of the Modern World, 1500 to PresentMWF2:10-3:00 pm2525
FRHIST-1120-06219663Origins of the Modern World 1500 to PresentMWF11:00-11:50 am2525
FRHIST-1120-07H224513"Food, Water, Sex, and Shelter" Origins of the Modern World, 1500 PresentTR9:30-10:45 am1919
FRHIST-1120-09227353Origins of the Modern World, 1500 to PresentTR9:30-10:45 am2525
FRHIST-1120-10227363Origins of the Modern World, 1500 to PresentTR11:00-12:15 pm2525
FRHIST-1120-201202850Origins of the Modern World, 1500 to PresentF12:00-12:50 pm1818
FRHIST-1120-203202910Origins of the Modern World, 1500 to PresentF10:00-10:50 am1818
FRHIST-1120-204202950Origins of the Modern World, 1500 to PresentW2:10-3:00 pm1818
FRHIST-1120-205202980Origins of the Modern World, 1500 to PresentR2:10-3:00 pm1818
FRHIST-1120-210253350Origins of the Modern World, 1500 to PresentF10:00-10:50 am1818
FRHIST-2600-01275003History of the United States to 1865TR2:15-3:30 pm2525
FRHIST-2610-01261803History of the United States Since 1865M4:15-7:00 pm2525
FRHIST-2610-02251323History of the United States Since 1865TR9:30-10:45 am2525
FRHIST-2700-01275013China and Japan To 1600TR11:00-12:15 pm2525
FRHIST-2800-01236953Historian's Craft: Methods ProseminarMWF11:00-11:50 am1515
FRHIST-3160-01276093Eastern Europe: Borderlands and Bloodlands, Empires and PeoplesMWF9:00-9:50 am1919
FRHIST-3250-01276123From Teddy Roosevelt to Trump: Political History of the U.S.MWF10:00-10:50 am1919
FRHIST-3550-01276103Plagues and Peoples from Leprosy to AIDSMWF12:00-12:50 pm1919
FRHIST-3930-01276143Germany Under The NazisTR9:30-10:45 am1919
FRHIST-3930-02276153From Olympians to Gladiators: Sport and Spectacle in Acient Greece and RomeMWF10:00-10:50 am1919
FRHIST-3930-03276163Castles and Crusades in the Middle AgesTR12:45-2:00 pm1919
FRHIST-4901-01276113Heroes and Villains of the American RevolutionTR12:45-2:00 pm1010
FRHIST-4980-02208393Independent Study1010
FRHIST-4980-03208473Independent Study1010
FRHIST-4980-04208483Independent Study1010
FRHIST-4980-05208493Independent Study1010
FRHIST-4980-07208503Independent Study1010
FRHIST-4980-08208513Independent Study1010
FRHIST-4980-09208523Independent Study1010
FRHIST-4980-10208723Independent Study1010
FRHIST-4980-11208733Independent Study1010
FRHIST-4980-12219673Independent Study1010
FRHIST-4980-13208743Independent Study1010
FRHIST-4980-14208753Independent Study1010
FRHIST-4980-17208763Independent Study1010
FRHIST-4980-18208773Independent Study1010
FRHIST-4980-19208783Independent Study1010
FRHIST-4980-23208793Independent Study1010
FRHIST-4980-24208803Independent Study1010
FRHIST-4980-25208813Independent Study1010
FRHIST-4980-26208823Independent Study1010
FRHIST-4980-28208833Independent Study1010
FRHIST-4980-29208843Independent Study1010
FRHIST-4980-30208853Independent Study1010
FRHIST-4980-31208863Independent Study1010
FRHIST-4990-02269353History Senior Thesis Prep22
FRHIST-4991-31271573History Senior Thesis11