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Undergraduate Open Courses for Fall 2013
   as of 7:32 AM on Jan 26, 2015

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Subject: IPE - Inter-Professional Education
Campus Course CRN Hrs Course Title Day(s) Time Max
HSCIPE-110-01H151261Intro to Intepr Health CareR4:10-5:00 pm106
HSCIPE-110-02151271Intro to Intepr Health CareR3:10-4:00 pm1127
HSCIPE-110-02H151281Intro to Intepr Health CareR3:10-4:00 pm84
HSCIPE-350-01151303Health Care Sys Health PromoMW12:45-2:00 pm1703
HSCIPE-350-01H151313Health Care Sys Health PromoMW12:45-2:00 pm155
HSCIPE-420-01151333Applied Decision-Making in Interprofessional PracticeMW4:10-5:25 pm17037
HSCIPE-420-01H151343Applied Decision-Making in Interprofessional PracticeMW4:10-5:25 pm1510
HSCIPE-460-01151352Evidence Based PracticeW2:10-3:00 pm12095
HSCIPE-460-01H151362Evidence Based PracticeW2:10-3:00 pm1515
HSCIPE-460-02151372Evidence Based PracticeM5:30-6:20 pm5040
HSCIPE-490-01H151392Integrative IP Prac ExpT4:00-6:00 pm1510