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Undergraduate Open Courses for Fall 2013
   as of 7:33 AM on Apr 28, 2015

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Subject: MENG - Mechanical Engineering
Campus Course CRN Hrs Course Title Day(s) Time Max
FRMENG-275-01106390Co-Op with Industry1010
FRMENG-365-01154803Computer Aided EngineeringMWF10:00-10:50 am4027
FRMENG-365-01H154823Computer Aided EngineeringMWF10:00-10:50 am54
FRMENG-375-01106400Co-Op with Industry1010
FRMENG-376-01106413Internship with Industry1010
FRMENG-445-01155003Principles of MechantronicsMWF12:00-12:50 pm4021
FRMENG-445-01H155023Principles of MechantronicsMWF12:00-12:50 pm55
FRMENG-450-01106443Design IR2:10-3:00 pm4019
FRMENG-450-36106450Design IT2:10-4:00 pm4019
FRMENG-450-36106450Design IR3:10-5:00 pm4019
FRMENG-455-01155053Heat TransferMW4:10-5:25 pm4034
FRMENG-475-01106423Co-Op with Industry108
FRMENG-476-01106433Internship with Industry1010
FRMENG-477-01155061Senior EngineeringF3:10-5:00 pm5029
FRMENG-493-03155093TECHNICAL ELECTIVE - Advanced Principles of Analytical Dynamics 2020
FRMENG-493-07155073TECHNICAL ELECTIVE - Intro to TurbulenceTR5:30-6:45 pm2019
FRMENG-493-14155083TECHNICAL ELECTIVE - Renewable Energy SystemsMW5:30-6:45 pm208
FRMENG-493-19193603TECHNICAL ELECTIVE - Multidisciplinary OptimizationWF4:10-5:25 pm4038