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Undergraduate Open Courses for Fall 2015
   as of 7:30 AM on Jun 21, 2017

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Subject: MGT - Management
Campus Course CRN Hrs Course Title Day(s) Time Max
FRMGT-2000-03156003Legal Environment BusTR8:00-9:15 am352
FRMGT-3000-02H179863Mgt Theory & PracticeTR12:45-2:00 pm54
FRMGT-3100-01141503Organization BehaviorMWF10:00-10:50 am404
FRMGT-3200-50141513Managing Ideas in Entrep FirmsM6:30-9:00 pm4514
FRMGT-3210-50158143Manag Resources in Entrep FirmW6:30-9:00 pm3015
FRMGT-3300-01141493Mgt of Human ResourcesMW2:10-3:25 pm404
FRMGT-3400-50186053Intro to Sports ManagementW6:30-9:00 pm359
FRMGT-4000-01141523Strategic Mgt and PolicyMWF9:00-9:50 am3517
FRMGT-4000-02141533Strategic Mgt and PolicyMWF10:00-10:50 am3520
FRMGT-4000-03141543Strategic Mgt and PolicyMWF11:00-11:50 am354
FRMGT-4000-04178213Strategic Mgt and PolicyTR9:30-10:45 am3521
FRMGT-4101-01141643Fundamentals of LeadershipMW2:10-3:25 pm3515
FRMGT-4103-01141663Current Problems in MgtMWF1:10-2:00 pm3512
FRMGT-4200-50141673Business Plan DevelopmentR6:30-9:00 pm3528
FRMGT-4301-01141653Talent ManagementTR11:00-12:15 pm3518
FRMGT-4401-01186043Legal Issues Sport & EntertainMW3:45-5:00 pm3513
FRMGT-4500-01156053Legal Environ Bus IITR2:15-3:30 pm3512
FRMGT-4910-30161873Management Internship55
FRMGT-4910-40161843Management Internship55
FRMGT-4910-55161653Management Internship53
FRMGT-4910-89161783Management Internship55