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Undergraduate Open Courses for Fall 2013
   as of 7:37 AM on Jun 17, 2015

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Subject: WSTD - Women's Studies
Campus Course CRN Hrs Course Title Day(s) Time Max
FRWSTD-197-01177623Intro to Women's StudiesMWF9:00-9:50 am208
FRWSTD-197-01H177633Intro to Women's StudiesMWF9:00-9:50 am1515
FRWSTD-197-02101823Intro to Women's StudiesMWF10:00-10:50 am2010
FRWSTD-197-02H177643Intro to Women's StudiesMWF10:00-10:50 am55
FRWSTD-197-03177653Intro to Women's StudiesTR11:00-12:15 pm209
FRWSTD-197-03H177663Intro to Women's StudiesTR11:00-12:15 pm54
FRWSTD-293-02189613Gender and Pop CultureTR12:45-2:00 pm2010
FRWSTD-330-01177683Intercultural CommunicationMWF2:10-3:00 pm1010
FRWSTD-375-01177723Women in LiteratureTR11:00-12:15 pm2017
FRWSTD-385-01177743Feminism in ActionTR9:30-10:45 am2013
FRWSTD-385-01H177753Feminism in ActionTR9:30-10:45 am109
FRWSTD-390-01177783Feminist Theory-Gender JusticeTR2:15-3:30 pm102
FRWSTD-393-02134923Anthropology of Sex & GenderTR11:00-12:15 pm109
FRWSTD-393-03177793Writing Sex in the Middle AgesMWF1:10-2:00 pm1515
FRWSTD-393-04177803Human Sexuality in the Black CommunityTR3:45-5:00 pm109
FRWSTD-393-07177823Diversity and Anti-Opression PracticeT2:30-5:00 pm55
FRWSTD-393-09177833Women Leaders Internship33
FRWSTD-401-01108893Cultural AnalysisTR11:00-12:15 pm2013
FRWSTD-401-01H177843Cultural AnalysisTR11:00-12:15 pm55
FRWSTD-493-01177893Feminism and the History of EthicsTR9:30-10:45 am1010
FRWSTD-493-02177903Towards the sentimental novel: the mystic, the individual, and the lover in medieval SpainMWF10:00-10:50 am55
FRWSTD-493-05177933Wolfram von Eschenbach's Parzival: Gender, Race, and OthernessMWF2:10-3:00 pm1010
FRWSTD-495-01177970Senior Residency1010
FRWSTD-498-01107943Adv Independent Study3030
FRWSTD-498-03178003Adv Independent Study3030
FRWSTD-498-04178013Adv Independent Study3030