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Simon Rec FAQs

If I want to rent or reserve space within Campus Recreation (e.g. SLU Ruba, Outdoor Fields, Gym Courts), how should I go about doing it?
You should fill out our facility scheduling request form available in pdf format here or at the Simon Recreation Center front desk or administrative offices.  Requests should be turned in at least 10 business days prior to the date of your event. 

How do I get a job with the Department of Campus Recreation?
You may stop by the Simon Recreation Center at any point to pick up an application from administrative offices. You may also apply online through Career Link.

Who is eligible to use the Simon Recreation Center or Salus Center?
Usage of recreation facilities is available to Saint Louis University students, faculty, staff, alum, and their spouses, children and friends of SLU. Students are automatic members. Other SLU affiliated users must purchase a membership.

What do I need to enter the Simon Recreation Center or Salus Center?
All eligible users must have a photo ID to enter the facility and the SLU ID is preferable.

What are the requirements for family membership?
Family, as defined within Campus Recreation, is all legal children under the age of 21. This includes adoption and guardianship. The student, faculty, staff or alum must be a current member in order for their child(ren) to become a member(s).

Do I have to be affiliated with the University to use the Simon Recreation Center?
No, friends of SLU may purchase memberships. For more information contact our Member Services Coordinator.

How can one be considered a member of the Simon Recreation Center or Salus Center?
There is a membership fee for the Simon Recreation Center. This fee for students is included in their student activity fees. For all others a membership or daily use pass must be purchased for use of facilities.

If I work for the University and take classes, must I purchase a membership or pass?
Yes, you must. The student activity fees are not included in the tuition remission package, thus a membership or pass is necessary. If you have additional questions regarding the tuition package, please contact the Member Services Coordinator at 314-977-3968.

What is the guest policy?
The guest policy for the Simon Recreation Center and Salus Center is all guests must have a member or daily user sponsor. Each member may sponsor two guests per visit. The sponsor is responsible for their guest and must remain with their guest at all times. The guest must be registered with the facility. The guest must have a photo ID to enter the facility.

What is the charge for guest?
There is a $10 per guest, per visit fee. And the guest pass is valid for the day of purchase only.

Who can play intramurals?
All students, faculty, staff, and alumni who are members of the Simon Recreation Center.

How much does it cost to play intramural sports?
Team play in competitive sports such as flag football, soccer, softball, basketball, ultimate frisbee, or volleyball cost $25.00 per team if you pay by the early date and $30.00 if you wait until the final entry date. If you are from the Residence Halls you can get a voucher worth $10.00 and you pay the remaining $15.00. If your team does not forfeit during the session you will receive your $15.00 fee back. Individual sports are usually at no cost to the participants, except for bowling and golf.

If I do not know anyone can I still play team sports in intramurals?
Individuals that have no team should submit their name and the sport they would like to play, to Sam Kelner. The intramural department will try to form teams from the names, or you will be invited to come to the Captain's Meeting for the sport you have picked and try to be placed on a team at that time.

Where can I find out what sports we will be playing and how do I enter a team?
You can go to the Campus Rec Website and look up the schedules for Intramurals on the IM Leagues link. We will have entry forms available to pick up at the Simon Rec Center main desk. We will also be distributing entry forms to every floor Advisor for the Residence Halls.

If Saint Louis University does offer a club sport that I am interested in, can I start a new club?
If you would like to start a new club, contact the IM/Club Sport Coordinator  at 314-977-7174. 

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