Saint Louis University

Membership applications are available at Simon Recreation Center.  Please contact Samantha McLeod for more information regarding memberships at 977-3973.

Membership Rates

Faculty, Staff, Clergy - $350
Alumni - $400
Retired SLU Faculty, Staff - $350
Spouse - $300
Dependent (children under age 21) - $250/child
Friends of SLU - $450

Monthly memberships are available for $45/month.
Semester memberships are available for $180/semester*.

*Semester membership is available three times per year: January 1 through April 30, May 1 through August 31, and September 1 through December 31.

Annual membership fees are available for payroll deduction to full-time employees of St. Louis University and Health Sciences Center. University and Health Science Center part-time employees and Tenet Saint Louis University Hospital employees may purchase memberships through the other payment methods.

A spouse of a current member, who is affiliated with the University, may purchase a membership. If last names are different, a copy of the Marriage license will be needed to process the membership application. SLU Retirees receive one year free membership upon retirement. Subsequent memberships require payment.

Single Visit Passes
Only those affiliated with the University may purchase a single visit pass. Individuals who are affiliated with the University are defined as Faculty, Staff, Students, Alumni, Retirees and Clergy. These individuals qualify for Single Visit Passes and can pay the non-member fee to participate in our programs.

Daily-Use Pass (adult): $10 per day
Daily Use Pass (child): $5 per day (children under the age of 18)**

5x Pass: 5 visits for $40

**Children who are not members must be sponsored by a legal parent/guardian who is also affiliated with the University.  The sponsor must provide a signed copy of the informed consent and assumption of risk and release agreement at the time of visit.

Guest Pass
Student/Faculty/Staff/Alumni Sponsor: $10 per visitor. Special care has been taken to provide guest services to the users of the Simon Recreation Center and Salus Fitness Center. There is a limit of two guests per sponsor, per visit. All guests are REQUIRED to have photo identification. Guests must enter through the main (North) entrance and must be accompanied by their sponsor upon arrival and at ALL times while in the facility. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Membership Cancellation Policy
Memberships to the Simon Recreation Center/Salus Fitness Center are non-transferable and non-refundable. Memberships may be subject to cancellation by the Department of Campus Recreation for violation of policies and regulations. Memberships must be maintained for the specified period. There are no early cancellations.

Exceptions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis without any guarantees.

All issues concerning memberships should be put in writing via email, letter or memo to the Coordinator of Member Services for the Department of Campus Recreation.

Miscellaneous Memberships
Only persons affiliated with Saint Louis University may use the Simon Recreation Center. The general public can only use the building by coming as someone's guest. However, there are several other categories of persons affiliated with SLU such as local clergy members, persons staying in SLU Housing but not actual SLU students, persons attending conferences on campus, etc. who may use the building. Please contact the Member Services Coordinator regarding questions on these individuals.

Housestaff and Housestaff Spouses
Housestaff and fellows of the SLU Hospital are offered a membership to the Simon Recreation Center please contact the Med School Administrative Offices for applications. The Housestaff membership year runs July 1 through June 30.

Spouses and/or children of Housestaff may purchase memberships to the Simon Recreation Center and Salus Center. Spouses and children are eligible for the same membership periods at our regular rates.

Area Clergy/Religious Orders
All area clergy and nuns may join the Simon Recreation Center by paying the regular faculty/staff membership fee. They may also be allowed to purchase daily and five-time passes. Jesuits who are also on staff with SLU may not use payroll deduction for their memberships.

Kenrick Seminarians
Kenrick Seminarians are also allowed to purchase a membership to the facility for the current student fee of $55 per semester. They should apply through the Service Area and show their Kenrick ID card.

Chartwell's and Barnes & Noble Employees
Employees on campus are eligible for memberships at the faculty/staff rate. They may not use payroll deduction as a means of payment nor may they purchase daily passes, as they do not have any type of SLU ID.

Grand Center Inc.

Employees working for a company that is recognized by Grand Center Inc. are eligible for our Friends of SLU membership. These employees must present a form of employment verification, preferably a letter on company letterhead, upon registration. These members do not qualify for Single Visit Passes. Please contact the Member Services Coordinator for more details.

Friends of SLU Memberships
The Department of Campus Recreation is offering a Friends of SLU membership for special circumstances. Please contact the Member Services Coordinator for details.

Spouse & Family Membership

Spouse Membership
The Department of Campus Recreation extends membership privileges for a fee, to the spouses of current students, faculty, staff and alumni Simon Recreation Center members. Faculty, Staff or Alumni must be a current member for their spouses to join. See membership rates for pricing information. (To participate in the spouse membership plan the union has to be recognized by the State of Missouri as legal. The spouse membership plan does not include fiancés, significant other or friends.)

Family Membership
(includes members children, stepchildren and/or children by way of guardianship) A per child fee for each child under age 21 is assessed (see membership rate above).