Saint Louis University

Vitality's Partner Health Club Program

Employees of Saint Louis University (who are eligible to receive full-time employee benefits) and their spouses can join the Simon Recreation Center and receive Vitality Points, as well as subsidies on membership dues for their verified workouts.

Participants must visit the Simon Recreation Center or Salus Fitness Center 12 times during a calendar quarter (an average of 1 workout per week) to qualify for the subsidy. The payout for subsidies will be monthly and are dependent of their Vitality Status. The monthly subsidies are as follows:

Vitality Status Level Monthly Subsidy for Employees Monthly Subsidy for Spouses
Bronze: $15 $10
Silver: $20 $15
Gold: $25 $20
Platinum: $29.17 (Free Membership!) $25 (Free Membership!)


Employees of Saint Louis University and their spouses who are eligible to participate in Vitality and would like to participate in Vitality's Partnered Health Club Program must...

  1.  Register for an annual membership to the Simon Recreation Center (preferably using Payroll Deduction as your method of payment).
  2. Complete the Participation Agreement for Vitality's Partnered Health Club Program and submit this document with your membership application.
  3.  Register the Simon Recreation Center as their primary Partnered Health Club through Vitality's website.

    Membership to the Simon Recreation Center:
    Membership applications are available online and at the Simon Recreation Center. Employees and their spouses may submit separate applications or one joint application. Participants must sign up for an annual membership and are encouraged to use Payroll Deduction as their method of payment. The annual fee for Faculty and Staff of the University is $350 per year and an additional $300 per year for spouses. By using Payroll Deduction, the total annual fee will be deducted from the employee's pay over a 12-month period. The total monthly deductions would depend on the employee's pay schedule.

    Pay Schedule Employee Employee and Spouse
    Monthly Deductions: $29.17 per month $54.17 per month
    Bi-Weekly Deductions: $13.47 every two weeks $25 every two weeks

    A membership allows access the Simon Recreation Center as well as the Salus Fitness Center!

    Participation Agreement:
    The Participation Agreement is available online and at the Simon Recreation Center. Employees (and participating Spouses) must read, sign and submit the Participation Agreement with their membership application.

    Registering the Simon Recreation Center as your Primary Partnered Health Club:
    To register the Simon Recreation Center as your Primary Partnered Health Club, please visit the Vitality website at and complete the following Registration Process. Employees, please use your nine-digit banner ID number (ex: 000######) as your Health Club Member ID. Participating Spouses will use the nine-digit Health Club Member Identification Number, assigned upon membership registration (ex: 1111#####).

    Current active members of the Simon Recreation Center may submit the Participation Agreement without an updated membership application to enroll in Vitality's Partnered Health Club Program.

    Membership applications and Participation Agreements may be submitted to the Service Desk of the Simon Recreation Center (located just inside the main/north entrance), via fax 314.977.3555, or electronically to Samantha McLeod at

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are Vitality Points?
    You earn Vitality Points as you complete a Vitality-recommended activity; it is used to measure your participation in the program. The more Vitality Points you earn, the higher your Vitality Status. You can also enjoy Vitality Rewards by redeeming your Vitality Points for travel, merchandise, and other great rewards from our Vitality Mall.

    How do I earn Vitality Points?
    You can earn Vitality Points by engaging in a wide variety of designated education, prevention, fitness and healthy living activities. These include: completing a Health Risk Assessment, receiving your annual preventive care screenings, working out at Partner Health Clubs, completing a Fitness Assessment and receiving a Vitality Check.

    What is Vitality Status?
    Vitality Status is determined based upon the number of Vitality Points that you earn. There are five Vitality Status levels - Blue, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. You begin at Blue, but once you complete your Health Risk Assessment you move to Bronze. As you achieve higher Vitality Status levels you receive status perks including increased discounts at the Vitality Mall, higher subsidies for your health club membership, increased hotel package discounts and more. You retain the Vitality Status you earned in a prior policy year provided you complete the HRA again, but you must re-earn status each policy year.

    How long do I keep my Vitality Status?
    You are required to complete your Health Risk Assessment (HRA) annually for your Vitality membership to remain active. Once you complete the HRA you will regain the Vitality Status that you earned in the previous year. Therefore, your Vitality Status lasts for the remainder of the year in which you earned it, plus the entire next year, provided you complete your HRA annually.

    How do I get rewarded for working out at a Partner Health Club?
    If you have registered your membership with a Partner Health Club with Vitality, Vitality Points are automatically awarded each day you visit and swipe your ID card at the club. Please note that workouts and corresponding Vitality Points from the current month will appear on your profile approximately three weeks after current month's end.

    When will I receive my first dues subsidy for a Partner Health Club membership?
    Please allow up to 60 days for your first subsidy to be awarded. 

    Can I still receive the monthly subsidy for a Partner Health Club if I am already a member?
    Absolutely. If you already belong to a partner health club you can register your membership with a partner health club with Vitality, and inform the club that you are a member of Vitality by showing them your Vitality ID Card which you can print from our website.

    How do I activate my Vitality membership?
    Activating Vitality is simple. All you need to do is complete your Health Risk Assessment (HRA). When you log into the member area of our website for the first time you will be prompted to complete the HRA.

    What is the Health Risk Assessment (HRA)?
    The HRA is an excellent tool to help evaluate your current health status, determine health risks, and helps you decide where and how to make improvements. It's fast, free and it only takes a few minutes to complete. You'll immediately receive your personal profile and be awarded Vitality Points for completing the HRA!

    For more answers to Vitality-related questions please log in to and click on Help located on the status bar at the top of the page.

    For additional inquires about the Vitality program or Vitality's Partnered Health Club Program please contact

    For inquires about memberships to the Simon Recreation Center please contact Samantha McLeod at