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Dr. Seung Kim, Ph.D.

"With great vision for the growing role global business would have on our economy, Saint Louis University's John Cook School of Business supported the founding of an Institute of International Business in 1984-long before other universities recognized the need for global education. We have been in the forefront of research and teaching on topics related to international business. "

Seung Kim, Ph.D.
Director, Boeing Institute of International Business

Established in 1984, the Institute offers a breadth of global business resources for students, alumni, the business community, faculty, government and professional organizations:

Seminars and Conferences: Every year, the Boeing Institute of International Business sponsors  on current topics in international business

  • The Annual Boeing Distinguished Guest Lecture in International Business is held in the Spring
  • The Annual International Business Awards Ceremony is held every October.
  • The Annual International Business Conference: Global Business Outlook is held each November. GLOBAL RESEARCH/DATA CENTER

Global Research/Data Center: In partnership with several local and regional organizations, the Institute is developing the Missouri International Business Data Center (MO-IBD). The first of its kind in the region, it serves as a hub of information on global business activity.

Publications: The Institute regularly publishes newsletters, the Multinational Business Review, and Midwestern Trade and Investment Study Series.

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