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Center for International and Comparative Law

Dean Michael Wolff

For over 30 years, Saint Louis University School of Law has demonstrated its commitment to international legal education. Through its educational programs and scholarly activities, the Center for International and Comparative Law ensures that the faculty's graduates have the education they need to pursue professional opportunities throughout the world.

Michael Wolff
Dean, School of Law

The Center for International and Comparative Law builds networks and alliances locally and internationally, making the School of Law a mid-western hub for legal scholarship in international and comparative law. Regional law practice brings an ever-increasing contact with global transactions and the Center provides high quality legal talent that is conversant and comfortable with other cultures and legal environments.

The Center offers students:

  • A Certificate in International and Comparative Law for J.D. students interested in receiving a broad foundation in international and comparative law within the context of a well-rounded legal education
  • A variety of international and comparative law courses and seminars each semester
  • Intensive, two-credit courses in international and comparative law taught by distinguished visiting international professors
  • Several study abroad opportunities in France, Germany, Ireland, Southeast Asia, Switzerland and Spain
  • Conferences with experts and scholars in the field of international and comparative law
  • A Speaker Series
  • The Philip C. Jessup International Moot Court Team, which briefs and argues a hypothetical case on timely issues of international law before a moot International Court of Justice
  • An LL.M. in American Law for Foreign Lawyers that places foreign lawyers in courses of their choosing alongside domestic J.D. students
  • The student-centered International Law Students' Association welcomes all members of the student body, and sponsors a variety of social and academic activities
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