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The College of Education and Public Service takes its commitment seriously. Our graduates influence the wellbeing of our community more than any other educational institution in the area: almost 25% of all superintendents in Missouri hail from SLU, and we partner with more than 40 area schools and 300 social service organizations to ensure our students have the real-life experience they need to be successful in their fields. We boast a state-of-the-art Counseling and Family Therapy Clinic and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) lab.


The University recently signed an Agreement with the Open University of Cyprus and the European Union to continue and expand our education programs. The Department of Education Studies has developed an MA and Ph.D. program in Cyprus through our partnership with the Global Center of Independent Studies. We also offer a Ph.D. program for students from Lebanon who attend classes at our facility in Cyprus. The Agreement with the Open University of Cyprus provides for St. Louis University to offer additional University programs in Cyprus and throughout the European Union. The College sends faculty each semester to teach courses for the students in Cyprus. The courses are taught on a hybrid basis with the use of Internet technology. The Cyprus program is an excellent example of the globalization of the mission of St. Louis University. SLU is providing quality education to Cyprus, a small country of 800,000 people that has limited resources for higher education, particularly at the graduate level. Through this program we have the opportunity to foster research opportunities through the EU and the Fullbright Foundation.

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