Saint Louis University

Dean Michael Wolff

For over 30 years, Saint Louis University School of Law has demonstrated its commitment to international legal education. Through its educational programs and scholarly activities, the Center for International and Comparative Law ensures that the faculty's graduates have the education they need to pursue professional opportunities throughout the world.
Michael Wolff
Dean, School of Law

At Saint Louis University School of Law, we offer our students a diverse curriculum designed to prepare them for all areas of legal practice. The majority of the 91 required credit hours for the J.D. degree are elective courses. This design allows students to customize their law school education around their individualized needs and areas of interest. The School's core curriculum is designed to help students develop the analytical skills necessary for interpreting the law.

Students at the School of Law may pursue one of the following nine areas of concentration to supplement their law degree with a special area of emphasis.

Business Transactional Law
Civil Litigation Skills
Criminal Litigation Skills
Employment Law
Health Law
Intellectual Property Law
International and Comparative Law
Urban Development, Land Use and Environmental Law


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Dual Degree
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