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Edwin Trevathan, MD, MPH

"Saint Louis University School of Public Health is in a wonderful position to marry our commitment to social justice with our ability to create programs that dramatically improve the health of people around the world. Making the world better is in our DNA. As the only accredited school of public health in a Jesuit or Catholic university, we have a moral imperative to not only think globally, but to act globally."
Edwin Trevathan, MD, MPH
Dean, School of Public Health

Every day in countries around the world, decisions are made that shape the health status of communities, and of the individuals and groups who comprise these communities. The totality of these decisions and the actions required to carry them out produce a health system that promotes population health, as well as the health of individuals. Public health professionals work to influence population health through a continuum of activities ranging from health promotion and primary prevention of disease to tertiary prevention aimed at limiting disability.

This population-based approach to health requires interdisciplinary collaborations involving not just health professions but the social sciences, business, law and ethics as well. Saint Louis University's College for Public Health & Social Justice draws on its substantial resources and those of the University to provide that interdisciplinary approach.

Public Health Students in
Puebla, Mexico.


The public health program is dedicated to preparing their students by encouraging students to travel and participate in immersion trips. The trips are intentional on ensuring students can gain a greater appreciation of different cultures. With a focus on low-income countries, the program challenges students to overcome their pre-conceived biases and understand they may not always have the solutions.

Behavioral Science & Health Education
Environmental & Occupational Health
Health Management & Policy

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