Organizations & Global Outreach

SLU Named No. 2 for Community Service: The Washington Monthly ranking is a reflection of the University's commitment to service and outreach, a core foundation of SLU's Catholic, Jesuit mission. Click here for more information.

Saint Louis University is home of a number of community outreach and faith-centered organizations that support various cultural, religious, social, and professional events and programs.

Community Outreach: Looking to become engaged with the community, to help make a difference, and to live out our Jesuit Mission that calls us to become men and women for, and with, others? At SLU, there are countless ways to get involved

PrayFaith-Centered Organizations: "We recognize that in the interrelated context of our contemporary lives, inter-religious cooperation is no longer an option but a necessity. One could say that to be religious today is to be inter-religious. Religion will prosper in this century only to the extent that we can maintain a sense of community among people of different religious beliefs who work together as a human family to achieve a world of peace."

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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