Saint Louis University

SLU International AwardsSaint Louis University holds several annual awards in various disciplines to recognize outstanding accomplishments.

A number of these awards aim to advance the university's global mission and vision.


The international awards include:

Grueber Awards for Campus Globalization: Johann Grueber, S.J. was an early Jesuit sent to serve at the royal court of Peking in the seventeenth century. His superior sent him to Rome to defend the actions of the Society in China, but he was unable to make the journey by sea due to conflict. In a daring move, Grueber and his party decided to make the journey to Rome via Tibet and Nepal and the Himalayan mountains. One of the first Europeans to set foot in the region and return to write an account of the journey, Grueber showed both innovation and daring in his desire to understand the world. The Grueber Awards for Globalization at Saint Louis University are awarded annually to members of the SLU community who share in that innovative and daring spirit by advancing the international and global mission of Saint Louis University.

The Annual International Business Award Ceremony: The Boeing Institute of International Business hold an annual award ceremony to recognize the corporate honoree who succeed in expanding and promoting international business and celebrate the accomplishments of outstanding students who have great potentials as future global leaders.


Other Awards:

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