SLUCare Total Health
Your source for health events, illustrated encyclopedia, care centers and wellness tools. You'll find general information from trustworthy sources about hundreds of health topics.
Multimedia Health Encyclopedia
The Health Encyclopedia is a continuously updated knowledge base that includes diseases and conditions, symptoms, tests, surgeries and more.
Health Risk Assessments
Find out what you're doing right and where you might need improvement with SLUCare's Health Risk Assessments. These assessments give targeted recommendations based on your specific health risks and health profile.
Health Navigator
Utilize a three-dimensional human body search tool to pinpoint symptoms and receive comprehensive results including diseases, injuries, tests, self-care, as well as recommendations on when to visit with a physician.
Wellness Tools
Find out your body mass index (BMI), estimate how many calories your favorite activity burns, learn your target heart rate and more with SLUCare's Wellness Tools.
Decision Assist
This tool helps you choose your healthcare options, including whether to have a particular test or surgery, or take certain medications.
My Checkups
Whether you are young or old, male or female, knowing when to schedule regular exams is an important part of improving and maintaining your health.
Body Gude
The SLUCare Body Guide is a unique visual road map of the human body. Learn about the different systems of the body through interactive anatomy, illustrations and text.