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Vascular Screening

Vascular Health and Screenings: An update on stroke prevention, the treatment of peripheral artery disease, and abdominal aortic aneurysms

October 16 | 6:30-7:30 p.m. | The Lodge Des Peres | Sign up for Oct. 16 Vascular Screenings Seminar

Dr. Brian Peterson Presenter: Brian Peterson, M.D., Vascular Surgeon
Think of your arteries and veins as your body's highway system, responsible for transporting the blood that carries essential oxygen and nutrients to fuel your body.  And like a highway, when flow is diminished or completely blocked, serious problems will occur. Vascular surgeon, Dr. Brian Peterson, will explain the dangers caused by vascular diseases. He'll also provide preventive tips and information that can help you identify the symptoms and signs of vascular disease.

About The Series

The bi-annual series is sponsored by SLUCare, the Physicians of Saint Louis University. The speakers are all leading medical specialists and researchers in their field. They will explain in layman's terms the latest advancements as well as take questions from the floor, and provide tips and practical solutions.

Other Series Topics Are:

SLUCare is the clinical arm of the Saint Luis University School of Medicine. Our 500 plus physicians offer an advance level of expertise, knowledge and care that only an academic medical practice can provide. 

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