Leslie McIntosh, Ph.D.

Adjunct professor
Saint Louis University Center for Health Outcomes Research


  • Ph.D. in public health epidemiology from Saint Louis University
  • M.A. in public health with an emphasis in biostatistics and epidemiology from Saint Louis University

Research Interests

McIntosh's current research focuses on working with health data in the full research cycle (data collection, management, sharing, discoverability); with Electronic Health Record (EHR), clinical study, biospecimen, and mobile health data; and, making the research process reproducible. The work entails developing, expanding, integrating, and utilizing both large (i.e., hundreds of terabytes) and heterogeneous (i.e., thousands of variables from multiple sources) health data to provide meaningful decision support for effective and efficient health care delivery and research.

Additionally, she is researching the continuum of research reproducibility to understand and enable informatics health research to be both transparent and open as appropriate for the domain and data.

Publications and Media Placements

Professional Organizations and Associations

  • American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA)
  • American Public Health Association (APHA)
  • American Statistical Association (ASA)
  • St. Louis Machine Learning and Data Science Meetup (Co-founder and Organizer)