Saint Louis University

Art Struck: The William D. Merwin Collection of Contemporary Art, is the first exhibit in a planned series to feature St. Louis·private art collections.

Reminiscent of the best to be seen in a New York or London gallery, the Merwin Collection shares with the public the personal interests of one man whose urge to collect was shaped by knowing friends of the arts. Showcasing the work of more than 40 artists, artists who produced many of the iconic images of the late twentieth-century, Merwin? collection is both intimate and notable.

Merwin's first purchase, Motherwell's Dance 111 (Red) State 11, reveals the spirit of a collection meant first to grace the halls and walls of his home. Later, more assertive works like Chuck Close's Self-Portrait, reflected increasing confidence in the ability to identify works that appealed to, as well as revealed, the character of the collector. The Merwin Collection reflects life in its many facets ·whimsy and longing, distance and intimacy, fixity and transience ·as one person has had the privilege to see it.

The Merwin Collection features the work of innovative artists like Chuck Close, Jim Dine, Jasper Johns, Robert Motherwell, Claes Oldenburg, Kiki Smith and many others. The collection is comprised of, though not limited to, lithographic prints, etchings, and woodcuts, works in oil, watercolor and ink, as well as sculptures in wood, bronze, glass and lead.

In conjunction with the opening of Art Struck: The William D. Merwin
Collection of Contemporary Art, the Saint Louis University Museum of Art also featured newly renovated galleries, showcasing the glass sculptures of Dale Chihuly, the MacLennan Collection of Asian Decorative Art, and the Marion Rumsey Cartier Collection.

Exhibition Brochure: Art Struck