Saint Louis University

Tom Huck: Brutal Truths

The Saint Louis University Museum of Art is pleased to present an exhibition featuring the woodcuts of nationally renowned artist, Tom Huck. Tom Huck: Brutal Truths will open with a reception on Friday, February 18 beginning at 5:30 p.m.

Brutal Truths will include more than 45 of Huck’s large-scale, intricately complex woodcuts including work from several of his major series including Two Weeks in August: 14 Rural Absurdities; The Bloody Bucket; BLAB!, and The Transformation of Brandy Baghead.

In many of his prints, Huck finds his inspiration in incredibly bizarre, but true occurrences that happened in his boyhood home of Potosi, MO, approximately 80 miles southwest of St. Louis. While the stories are true, Huck uses his printmaking prowess to exaggerate the details and embellish the facts in his woodcuts that allow him to embrace his fervor for storytelling. The Two Weeks in August: 14 Rural Absurdities series took Huck three years to complete.

Huck’s relationship with contemporary popular culture is complex. He is at once documenter, critic, and participant. At the age of 13, he became fascinated with the dark imagery incorporated in the woodcuts of Albrecht Dürer (1471 — 1528), and immersed himself in the artist’s work. His study of Dürer’s work has been relentless and Huck cites him as one of his printmaking heroes, as well as José Guadalupe Posada (1851 — 1913).

Tom Huck and his work have also been linked to the world of alternative comics. He is quite comfortable operating in the realm between observer and producer of popular culture. As a youth, the work of R. Crumb, the legendary underground comics artist was a source of inspiration for Huck.

The intricacy of Huck’s carving is remarkable, and the range of textures, surfaces and tones he achieves in these blocks are feats of control and mastery.


Tom Huck was born in 1971 and lived in Potosi, MO. He currently resides in St. Louis and produces his woodcuts at his Evil Print studio, also located in St. Louis.