Saint Louis University

Marian Steen: Memories and Dreams SLUMA Exhibition

6 -8 p.m. Friday, June 22, Free and open to the public
The exhibition continues until August 12.

Steen's paintings are a powerful expression of sensitivity and technique. She employs the "wet on wet" technique favored by many watercolorists. Her harmonious and appealing work is alive with lush colors, as well as large washes of transcendent hues and tones. She often integrates handmade paper, strings, found objects, or scraps of memorabilia that convey a sensitivity, complexity and richness to her work. "I incorporate objects connected to my own memories, thereby transforming the past into something new. In doing so, I try to represent the passage of time."

For Steen, her collages are the equivalent of keeping a visual art diary and paint an emotional narrative. Her work is emotive. She acknowledges that pain and struggle are an integral part of the human existence. Her ultimate goal is to transcend pain and darkness and create paintings that instead, convey hope and beauty through the interplay between color, line, and texture.

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